SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Sen. Mike Lee has sent a treasured piece of Utah to Silicon Valley in California.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at the 2021 Silicon Slopes Summit this past October with Sen. Lee and the two men shared an in-depth conversation about technology and digital privacy.

After their chat, Sen. Lee decided to send a thank you gift to Cook, featuring the condiment Utahns love the most — fry sauce. In a video message posted on YouTube, Sen. Lee is seen carefully packing three bottles of locally-branded fry sauces in a gift box along with composing a handwritten note.

In the note Sen. Lee handwrites on an iPad, he says:

“Dear Tim,
I am writing you this quick note using the one device I can’t live without. I remain grateful to you for joining me for this year’s Silicon Slopes Summit. I particularly appreciate your kind words about Utah innovators. Wanting to change the world for the better is something in which Utahns take tremendous pride. I believe we are doing just that. I am also aware that you’ve been serving up a batch of fresh chips. As we discussed on stage, in Utah we have something that goes well with chips, fries, or whatever else you’re dipping. So, please accept this variety of Utah fry sauces as a thank you for visiting our great state.

Your friend,

P.S. MacOS Zion has a nice ring to it.”

You can watch the whole video here.