SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Sen. Mike Lee released a statement for Utahns addressing inflation and fiscal responsibility shortly after swearing in as a member of the 118th Senate for his third consecutive term on Jan. 3.

Lee was sworn in as a member of the Senate by Vice President Kamala Harris. According to tradition, Lee was escorted onto the Senate floor by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as both senators took office together in 2011, according to a press release.

Following the ceremony, Lee released a statement for Utahns addressing the “dangerous consequences” unchecked power has for the country and for Utah, specifically referencing housing affordability and inflation. Lee referred to the “expansion” of the executive branch’s powers and Congress’ delegation of power to “unelected bureaucrats” as examples of this unchecked power.

“We must restore balance and accountability to the legislative branch of government. This includes reforming the spending process and restoring fiscal responsibility, so Utahns never again have to endure record-high inflation driven by reckless government spending,” Lee said.

Lee continued by stating his commitment to fight for the “issues that matter to the people of Utah and the rest of our great country” including the Second Amendment, religious liberty and fiscal responsibility.

Lee won the November 2022 midterm election against Evan McMullin, an independent endorsed by the Democratic Party. The race was the first competitive Senate race Utah has witnessed since the 1990s, as McMullin raised millions from both Republican and Democratic voters.

Lee serves on many committees including the Joint Economic Committee, Committee on the Judiciary, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and the Special Committee on Aging.

To view Lee’s full statement, click here.