Semi truck owned by an Ogden company photographed flying the Confederate flag

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah News) – A commercial semi truck owned by an Ogden company has apparently been driving around while displaying a Confederate flag.

A photo, purported to be taken on Interstate 80 in Salt Lake City, shows a Mountain States LP Gas Transport tanker flying a Confederate flag on its drivers side antenna. Jeanetta Williams, President of the Salt Lake Branch of the NAACP said she was surprised to see it.

“For a company to have a flag flying on their truck with the name of the company on the truck is a disgrace and a discredit to the community that we live in,” Williams told ABC4 Utah News Tuesday. “To me it’s not a badge of honor to be flying it. It’s a way to intimidate people.”

Mountain States is a 25 year old company based in Ogden. According to their website, they’ve hauled over a billion gallons of liquified petroleum gas  to thousands of customers all over the West Coast.

After we sent Vice President Tom Clark this photo, he responded with the following statement:
“The use of flags on our trucks are not approved by Mountain States LP Gas CO. We do not support our drivers creating possible distractions while operating company equipment. The driver has been asked to remove the flag when safe to do so.”

Williams was not satisfied with the response.

“No that’s not enough. You don’t ask him. You demand it that he take it off and he decides he doesn’t want to take it off then fire him. Maybe he needs to get a different job,” Williams said. “If we sit quiet and don’t say anything about it we’ll just see more and more people flying the confederate flag. Company trucks, company buildings, you know what next?”

Williams says that especially in light of the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, people and companies shouldn’t display what she calls a symbol of hate and slavery.

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