SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Attorneys representing the five women who filed a lawsuit against Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad confirmed Wednesday a second lawsuit has been filed against Ballard.

The second lawsuit was filed on behalf of a married couple, according to Mike Green, an attorney involved in the case. The lawsuit allegations are similar to the ones made in another lawsuit filed by five women earlier this week.

Ballard was the founder of Operation Underground Railroad an organization that claims to fight human trafficking through undercover rescue missions across the world. For more information and background on Tim Ballard and OUR see the link to the story below.

Among other allegations the new lawsuit states threats were made to the new plaintiffs through one of Ballard’s “favorite henchmen.” These threats resulted in the plaintiffs filing a police report with the South Jordan Police Department roughly a year ago.

Suzette Rasmussen, another attorney involved in both cases, said the clients are coming forward because they “feel it is important to file the lawsuit and show there are more people willing to stand up against the behavior of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.”

Lawyers for both the five women and the couple have stated that although the parties are remaining anonymous at this time they will likely make their identities known at some future point.

The lawyers also stated that their clients are aware of the need during court proceedings to testify, but at this time their privacy is of utmost importance as the victims “live in fear of retaliation and threats.”

In the first lawsuit filed by the five women an allegation states that Ballard’s actions resulted in the breakup and damage of at least two marriages. Attorneys confirmed that the second lawsuit involves one of the couples mentioned in these allegations.

Attorneys said they also believe that more plaintiffs will come forward as the legal process continues.

During a press conference Wednesday, Green, one of the attorneys, said the couple involved in the newest lawsuit will be leaving room for more defendants to be named.

Along with Ballard, members of the OUR Board, multiple corporations involved with OUR, and Janet Russon, a psychic employed by Ballard, are named as the defendants.

Green also said that due to the complexity of the case and number of individuals involved on either side he feels the timeline of the case may move slower than anticipated for a civil case.