UTAH (ABC4) – The second clue in the Utah treasure hunt has been released — movie fanatics may fare well with this one.

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Here’s the weekly clue:

“You should be familiar with three different movies to understand the post. You may just discover who “they” are.

“Get some popcorn and revisit some of the best movies of all time. (Our subjective opinion of course). Although all 3 are ranked in IMDB’s top 250 movies.”

There’s also a bonus clue for treasure hunters.

“You should have cell phone service the entire time. From the road to the chest.”

The Cline family also listed a few things to remember in their weekly update:

  • When we say the chest is hidden along the Wasatch Front, we are using that term generally. Any area within the boundary is in play.
  • That said, the chest isn’t hidden anywhere you need to pay a fee to enter. So Antelope Island, Millcreek Canyon, Timpanogos, national parks etc…
  • Looking at the 7-Day Forecast it’s getting hot. Remember to take plenty of water with you. For more safety tips Click Here.
  • We’ve seen many of you carry out old litter and bags of dog poop other hikers have left behind over the years. Let’s continue the trend and leave these trails cleaner than we found them. We want to leave no trace.
  • If this is your first hunt with us, you should know we only hide approximately half of the 20k in the chest. If whoever finds it wants the other half, they need to contact us so then we can announce the news. This helps prevent someone from finding it and not telling anyone. And also gives closure to all the other hunters out there.
  • We hope everyone has a great week! Have fun and stay safe out there! – Dave & John

Last week, the first clue was released as a poem.