Search warrant: Utah teen hid newborn baby’s body in drawer

Local News

SARATOGA SPRINGS (ABC4 News)- A teen in Saratoga Springs is accused of delivering a baby in a bathtub and then hiding it in a dresser after it died, a search warrant states.

According to the search warrant unsealed last week, the teen’s dad called police after he found the dead baby wrapped up in a shirt and robe in the drawer back in April.

The teen told officers the baby was a result of rape but didn’t tell officers details about the suspect, just that it happened at a party in West Valley City in August 2017, the search warrant states. The girl said she hid the pregnancy with bulky clothing.

Investigators say her story doesn’t add up, as a result, they are testing the DNA from a male relative to see if his DNA matches the babies.

The girl was charged with abuse or desecration of a dead body.

Health officials would like to remind the public of Utah’s Safe Haven law.

The law allows birth parents to anonymously give up custody of a newborn at a hospital with no fear of prosecution.

In addition, a birth mother does not need to hide from police when it’s time to deliver her baby. Federal law mandates any hospital with a delivery room must help a woman who presents in active labor, even if she cannot pay.

Since Safe Haven became law in 2001, dozens of infants have been safely and anonymously taken to hospitals and adopted by loving families. Intended to save children’s lives, the goal is to prevent women from abandoning babies in places such as trash cans and bathrooms. A 24-hour hotline can be reached by calling 866-458-0058.

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