School board approves boundary changes for Alpine School District

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LEHI, Utah (ABC4 News) In a surprise move, the Alpine School District voted on boundary charges for the 2019-20 school year.

The meeting was heated, and some parents refused to leave until the district reversed its decision.

Many parents in attendance Tuesday evening expected the vote to be postponed, but the board eventually voted on Option B making many parents unhappy.

About 20 parents stood and asked that all three current options be rejected. Their concerns focused on three main areas: safety, proximity, and longevity.

With Option B, two neighborhoods left the meeting with major safety concerns. At one point a board member told the community that they would be responsible for working on a safe walking route along a highway of cars traveling 60 miles per hour. Another community is concerned about children crossing a five-lane highway.

“I’m a single father, I work full time, and so my child’s ability to ride a bike to school and walk to and from school is important. I won’t let him do it on those busy intersections. So that frustration and then to feel like all these communities come together with one voice, sharing that this proposal does not work. Over a third of the votes said it didn’t work. Have to come up with new ones,” said Brent Rose, one of the concerned parents at the meeting.

Are you wondering what the decision means for your student? Find Option B below. 

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