Scammers using Rocky Mountain Power customer service phone number

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Officials at Rocky Mountain Power say they have received multiple reports of scammers zeroing in on businesses in northern Utah.

They say the caller ID shows the number 888-221-7070–which is RMP’s customer service number.

Officials say the scammers insist the business must make an immediate payment by purchasing a Green Dot prepaid card. At that point they ask the customer to call back them back at 1-844-766-8512 with the card number.

RMP says there have not been any reports of customers making payments. They remind customers that if they are questioning the legitimacy of a call go ahead and hang up and all customer service at 1-888-221-7070.

Rocky Mountain Power has a reminder for customers:

Rocky Mountain Power will not ask for a credit card number or advise you to purchase a pre-paid card from a store. We can facilitate credit card payments through our vendor upon request, but our employees don’t handle these payments directly.

We don’t threaten our customers with disconnection. We work with customers who are behind on their payments to help them get back on track. Generally, notices about past due bills are sent to customers in the mail or delivered to their home, or they receive an automated phone message.

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