IRON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) -The Iron County Sheriff’s Office took to social media to help the public stay “scam smart.”

In a post on the Iron County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, one persuasion tactic that many scammers use is fear.

Iron County Sheriff’s Office defines fear in a scam as, “Scaring the customer into accepting the offer, by creating an unattractive scenario if the customer doesn’t comply, or by badgering or threatening the customer into agreeing.”

“If you feel this way by any offer in person, on the phone, or on an email, walk away, hang up, or delete. This is not the way any reputable company does business. Knowledge is power. Protect yourself. Stay Scam Smart,” The Iron County Sheriff’s Office added in the post.

There are other scams that have been making the rounds in Utah, like a gift card scam that the Emery County Sheriff’s Office posted on their Facebook page on Monday.

In that particular scam, a scammer will make a call telling potential victims that they have won a new car and a million dollars.

The scammer then says that in order to claim the car and million dollars, you have to purchase a $250.00 gift card. Once you buy the gift card the scammer claims they will call the person back and provide details on what to do with the gift card and claim your prize.