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Sanpete County man will serve up to 20 years for selling drugs, money laundering and assault

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SANPETE COUNTY (ABC4 News) – A Utah man could spend up to 20 years in prison after he faced sentencing last week for drug dealing, money laundering, and aggravated assault.

According to court documents, Matthew Thompson, 40, of Chester, pleaded guilty to 13 felony charges in April and was sentenced on July 3 in front of Judge Wallace Lee of Utah’s 6th District Court in Sanpete County.

The sentencing was for four cases including two third-degree felony domestic aggravated assault, one third-degree money laundering and ten second-degree felony counts of drug distribution.

The judge sentenced Thompson to 0-5 years in prison for each of the third-degree felonies and 1-15 years for each of the second-degree felonies. The 0-5 year sentences will run at the same time and 1-15 year sentences are to run consecutively, meaning after he completes his 0-5 year sentence he will start his 1-15 year sentences.

Court documents show on February 10, 2018, police were called to the Sanpete Valley Hospital on a report of an aggravated assault that occurred at a residence in Chester. A 35-year-old woman said Thompson entered the home and hit her and a 25-year-old man with a bat, according to documents.

The woman said Thompson has threatened to kill her multiple times during the course of their two-year on-and-off again relationship. He has told her he would “feed her to pigs” or “put her inside of a diesel tire and roll her into the desert” and “tie her up and put her in a roll of carpet,” documents state.

In May of 2018, the same woman called the police to tell them she had broken up with Thompson and feared for her safety. Thompson started texting her at 4 a.m. saying “You’re a coward a runner a b**** made punk that I wish I would have been there to beat you and him down for real. Only I wouldn’t have stopped I would have killed you for what you have been putting me through.”

When she told him she would contact the cops he said “I don’t care, they are not a threat to me anymore,” documents state.

In October 2018, police discovered the woman had retracted her witness statement. When they contacted her, she said it was because Thompson told her to and she feared for her safety.

During that time, police had been investigating Thompson for drug distribution and through GPS monitoring and phone records, discovered he went to Arizona to purchase one pound of meth with three other individuals.

During the drive back, police said they stopped at a residence in Salina and they believe unloaded some of the drugs.

Highway Patrol was able pull over the vehicle where they discovered a digital scale, pink glass pipe with residue, small plastic baggies, 36 grams methamphetamine, 29 escitalopram oxalate pills, nine hydrocodone 500 mg pills, eight syringes.

A background check on Thompson shows a 20-year criminal history including assaulting a police officer, domestic aggravated assault, attempted burglary, the threat of violence, obstruction of justice, retaliation against a witness and possession of a dangerous weapon.


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