MANILA, PHILIPPINES (ABC4 News) –  A mother of five from Sandy now faces the possibility of a life sentence in prison after she was arrested for kidnapping Wednesday. It’s the latest twist in a saga that began five months ago when she was caught with a newborn baby at the Manila Airport.

According to the Philippines National Bureau of Investigation, 43-yea- old Jennifer Talbot made arrangements to obtain the infant from the 19-year-old Filipino mother and traveled to the country last August for the birth.

Six days after the boy was born Talbot smuggled him past airport security hidden in a bag. The NBI says she was attempting to take him onto a Delta flight to the U.S. when officials arrested her and charged her with human trafficking. 

At a court appearance, NBI Supervising Agent Marlon Toledo said quote “she’s from a Mormon Church and they’re trying to get the baby to be baptized and get church recognition for protection.”

Talbot posted bail on the human trafficking charge but when she arrived at a court hearing Wednesday, now with blonde hair and her left arm in a sling, officials took her into custody and added the kidnapping charge that could result in a life sentence. She was taken in front of news cameras where she briefly removed a mask to say quote “I object to this press conference without my attorney and the embassy present.”

This new kidnapping charge does not have an option for bail so Talbot will likely remain in jail until her next hearing which is scheduled for March 12th.

The Philippines government’s Welfare Department is caring for the baby.