SANDY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A Sandy senior living center is holding recess for its residents in an effort to help with isolation.

For those living at Cedarwood at Sandy, they are spending Tuesday afternoon playing Connect Four, blowing bubbles, hoola hooping and having a balloon toss during their daily recess.

“To get out and to get some sunshine to be able to get some fresh air to see each other for a minute,” said Jesse Buntjer, the executive director at Cedarwood. “Even if it’s for a couple hours a day, it’s been huge for the residents.”

Because of COVID-19 concerns and restrictions many seniors – like those living in this senior living community are in isolation. And Buntjer said while it’s been difficult for residents, daily recess is something many of them look forward to.

“We invite the residents like everybody else to come out, wear a mask and they’re able to come out in the courtyard and just go for a walk,” Buntjer said. “We try to do different things every day.”

While it’s unknown how much longer residents will be in isolation, Buntjer said these recess-like activities are something they plan to continue.

“I mean, stuff like the recess, you know, where again, you’re uniting people together,” Buntjer. “And I think are biggest thing is we want to show that even though we are in isolation and this is hard, you can still have fun.”

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