SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been booked into the Salt Lake County Jail after police say he robbed two credit unions in Sandy.

In early July, Sandy Police asked for help locating a man accused of robbing the Mountain America Credit Union.

On Monday, hours after Sandy Police responded to a bank robbery at the Cyprus Credit Union, 39-year-old Alan Khalid Karam was taken into custody on two counts of aggravated robbery.

Before his arrest, police were called to the Cyprus Credit Union where they say they learned a robbery note had been presented by a man. The note read: “This is a stick upo! [sic] I need $12,000 on the counter now! Or I will shoot. No dye packs No GPS No alarms/Don’t be a hero. Please don’t be a hero – people will die! You have five seconds before I shoot – Thank you-,” police explain in the probable cause statement.

The man was given some cash, and was then seen on security video going from the bank to a nearby gas station where he purchased a drink.

In the slideshow below, you can see the SWAT team responding to the scene.

Authorities say they were able to determine the man appeared to be the same suspect in the Mountain America Credit Union robbery. In that robbery, police report a man entered the bank and presented a teller with a similar note.

Investigators were able to get a preliminary hit from a fingerprint on the note from the Mountain America Credit Union robbery, which helped lead them to a man named Alan Khalid Barzangy, believed to be living in Sandy.

Upon further investigation, authorities learned Barzangy may be an alias, with Alan’s last name appearing as Karam on previous court proceedings and on his driver’s license.

After conducting surveillance on Karam’s home, police say they saw Karam leaving as a passenger in a vehicle. A high-risk traffic stop was done and Karam was taken into custody.

While speaking to Karam, investigators report learning that he is unemployed, was denied state assistance benefits, and “owes several people money.”

He also allegedly told police he had searched the internet for bank robbery demand notes, which “is how he came up with the verbiage used in the notes from both of the robberies.” Authorities say he admitted to both robberies but denied having a firearm or using one in either robbery.

Additionally, according to the probable cause statement, Karam told investigators he contemplated whether or not to rob both credit unions. As he was contemplating, Karam says he received a message from one of the individuals he owed money to on both occasions.

Money and clothing from both robberies were located in Karam’s home.

Karam was booked on two counts of aggravated robbery.