SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – A Sandy couple is facing charges after police say they nearly beat a man to death after offering him a ride.

Eric Zechariah Kilner, 20, and Cindy Lee Johnson, 43, are both facing one count of aggravated robbery.

According to arresting documents, on July 1, Johnson and Kilner offered a man a ride home from a local liquor store.

“During the ride home, Kliner and Johnson conspired together to assault and rob [the victim] of his money and liquor bottle,” police said.

Kliner then allegedly pulled the man from the car, beating him to the point of unconsciousness, causing life-threatening injuries.

He then stole all the cash from the victim’s wallet, while Johnson stood by to act as “a lookout.”

The man was left unconscious on the pavement as Kliner and Johnson drove off.