Sandy City goes in the way of ‘Planned Community Concept’

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SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) — Utah’s population is expected to double in population in 30 years. How does the state meet the challenges of an exploding population?

Sandy City believes part of the answer is in mixed use living and on Thursday had a grand opening on a luxury mid-rise apartment community.

Sandy City has a vision for the next 30 years to meet the influx of people moving in with the concept of live where you work, eat, and play.

Sandy City Mayor and Kaplan Management cut the ribbon for the new ‘Park at City Center’ luxury apartments.

The 330 unit mid-rise apartment complex is equipped with a swimming pool, workout room and other high end amenities is part of a much bigger vision for the next 3 decades for Sandy called the ‘Cairns master plan.’

Mayor Dolan, “the purpose of this 1000 acre is the engine we’re working with. It keeps our taxes low and services high. You only get to make this decision once every 50 years.”

Jason Brown, Envision Utah, “by the year 2050 we are going to add another 2.5 million people to Utah and by 2060 there will be twice as many people in Utah than there are today. Doubling the population, we need twice as many neighborhoods or twice as big or find some other solution.”

The other solution, Sandy says is mixed use, the concept of a planned community, walking trails, entertainment and dining.
Half a dozen restaurants are already in the works including the Dodo.
Sandy has added 5500 new high tech jobs in the last several years.
All this means a high density way of living.
Dolan, “the city’s goal is to have a city you could live, work and play in. With Hale Theater across the street and with hundreds of thousands of people and the mall expansion, it’s quite rewarding.”

Rent at Park at City Center, range from $1200 to $2700 a month . Developers believe these types of planned communities will become the trend in Utah, the type of long term planning many places in the U.S. already have.

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