Sandlot fan needs your help after medical emergency

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GLENDALE, Utah (News4Utah) – During a gathering to celebrate The Sandlot’s 25th anniversary, one fan noticed another get taken away by stretcher.

That fan had been waiting in line for hours to get autographs from cast members at the spot where the Sandlot was originally filmed.

More than 2,000 people gathered last Saturday to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, with many of the original cast members on hand to meet and greet.

“It was hot, and it was dusty, and it was smoky,” said Dave Franco, who was helping with the event.

Franco spotted the man — a large African-American male, Franco says — waiting patiently in line for autographs. Until that asthma attack.

“I just felt really bad for this guy. I was doing my filming and I saw that guy waiting around — waiting patiently.”

“He waited five hours to get an autograph, and — probably to meet some of these people he’s idolized for years — and ended up having a great night turn into a terrible night,” added Franco.

Franco wants to give that man a signed poster.

“So he has something to take from that day — a better memory than leaving on a stretcher,” said Franco.

But first, Franco needs your help. Do you know the man? 

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