SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Salt Lake City’s self-proclaimed oldest smoke shop is reacting to Utah’s first vaping related death.

Along with public health officials, the shop is warning residents of the dangers.

“We have to follow the rules,” Jeanie’s Smoke Shop employee Ron Anderson said.

State health officials say some people are breaking the rules.

The state is seeing an uptick in vaping related lung illness.

At last check, the state has 76 reports with 14 more being investigated.

Doctors say the cause isn’t related to vaping nicotine, it’s vaping tainted unregulated and black market THC cartridges.

Wednesday, the state confirmed its first vaping related death. Doctors say The person was under 30 years old and in an otherwise healthy condition.

“Well, we feel sorry for the family,” Anderson said.

The cause is believed to be tainted unregulated THC.

“There is a containment out there that people are still being exposed to that’s causing them to not be able to breathe,” Dr. Angela Dunn State epidemiologist said.  

Anderson says that’s a huge concern.

“A friend of mine they’re not going to buy any cartridges anymore because they’re back afraid,” Anderson said.

As state officials try to pinpoint exactly where folks are getting illegal THC.
Andersen has a warning.

“If you’re buying something off the street corner and you don’t know who it is or you’re buying from someone who you kind of know but not really, stop,” Anderson said.

Jeanie’s Smoke Shop hopes doctors can pinpoint exactly what’s causing this illness in the meantime says they work hard to make sure all their vape products are FDA compliant.

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