SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Salt Lake County Democratic Party (SLCo Democratic Party) Chair Eva Lopez responded on Wednesday, Sept. 28 to accusations from Benjamin Grindstaff, the attorney for Utah State Senator Gene Davis.

Grindstaff accused the SLCo Democratic Party of unfairly conducting their investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Senator Davis. Allegations were raised against Davis in early August after an intern informed leaders she felt “unsafe, harassed, and ultimately, failed” by the SLCo Democratic Party and its leaders.

In response to the accusations made by Grindstaff, Lopez said, “Both the Salt Lake County Democratic Party’s Judicial and Executive Committees followed the judicial process as outlined in both the County Party’s Constitution and the Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure.”

Lopez continued in saying the full process allowed for Davis to have multiple opportunities to voice his concerns and experiences, and to appeal the decision. She emphasizes her full confidence in adherence to the policy from both Committees, saying the process was carried out with the “utmost integrity” and that the process matters as it shapes intent to keep confidentiality and remove bias.

In the Party’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedure, it states that all proceedings and reports generated under this harassment complaint procedure are to be kept confidential. According to Lopez, the SLCo Democratic Party adhered to the strict confidentiality imposed by the Party’s governing documents.

“Although the Senator may want to contest the process and the voted-upon decision to accept the recommendation of the Judicial Committee, he or any other member of the County Party are not above our governing documents,” continued Lopez. “This is to protect the vulnerable within our party, to ensure those with power are held to account, and to continue to safeguard the trust and confidence from our members and the community at large.”

“The process was followed. The decision was made. Now let the consequences follow. Senator Davis may yearn for attention all he wants, but he is no better than any other member regardless of the years he has served. He is no victim,” Lopez concluded.