SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Salt Lake County Council member David Alvord has apologized after making a controversial post to his Facebook page on Wednesday.

In the post, Alvord, former mayor of South Jordan, said “the left won’t be happy until we each have light brown skin, exactly alike (or else there will remain someone whiter than the another).”

Alvord goes on to claim in the post that “the left” “wont be happy until we are all bi-sexual or in non-committed relationships.”

“They won’t be happy until we are as miserable as they are,” Alvord added in the post.

In a statement sent to ABC4 on Thursday, Alvord apologized and explained the reasons behind his comments in the post, saying,

“Social media is a place for ideas and conversation. My post was meant to engage discussion about where “cancel culture” is heading, which I believe has a dangerous destination. The examples I came up with were simply hyperbole meant to illustrate why cancel culture is problematic.

I recognize that as an elected official, words take on extra meaning and significance. I would like to apologize for any who misunderstood my intentions. I assure you that I don’t hold any ill will towards anyone. 

As the representative for District 2, I care about all residents and look forward to your engagement and input as the many policy issues arise.”

Alvord has since removed the post from his Facebook page.