SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City will receive $87 million directly from the latest stimulus package. On Thursday, Mayor Erin Mendenhall announced what the city plans to do with those funds.

“We want to support your access to a good job, we want to support your business and your ability to launch new businesses. We want your kids to have positive, safe, engaging after-school programming and mentorship,” Mayor Mendenhall says. “This sum isn’t merely a helping hand, it’s a slingshot that will thrust us forward in our pursuit of an equitable and evolutionary recovery.”

She continues, say the City will invest most of its American Rescue Plan allocation into an equitable, sustainable COVID-19 recovery for the community with the help and input from residents.

The first portion of the $87 million is expected to arrive in April.

While the City is still waiting for guidelines from the U.S. Treasury Department identifying more precisely how the money can be spent, officials say the City’s strategy for spending the funds will allow three guiding principles:

  • Equitable Economic Recovery
  • Resident Stability and Opportunity
  • City Services for Employees and Residents

Cities expect to have greater flexibility with this funding than they were given with previous COVID-related federal aid packages, according to the City.

Mayor Mendenhall says planning for how the funds will be spent will come through public engagement.

“You, the residents of Salt Lake City, are an integral part of this process,” Mayor Mendenhall says. “In addition to the information we’ve collected from community partners over this past year, we’ll solicit feedback from the community on priority needs so that this funding will make a truly meaningful impact on our residents’ quality of life.”

The funding will build on the work the City started in the last year to expand equity and bridge gaps in the community. COVID-19 relief already helped jump-start many important efforts, including vast improvements in digital equity and the rollout of the City’s apprenticeship program. 

“This is an incredible opportunity to do so much good, both immediate and in the long term,” Mayor Mendenhall adds. “In the years to come, I want Salt Lakers to be able to look around their neighborhood, and around their city, and see the results of the investments we’ll start making soon in an equitable COVID recovery with this federal aid.”

As a state, Utah is estimated to receive about $2.7 billion from the American Rescue Plan.

“The state is fervently working to understand the complete details of this 600+ page legislation,” the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget tells ABC4.

Despite this, the office says it knows Utah’s funding includes:

  • $1.52 billion for state government
  • $136 million to state government, specifically for critical capital projects
  • $1.09 billion to local governments

For a county-by-county breakdown of these funds, click here.