SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City schools – among the only with a mask requirement for students and staff in place – have had lower rates of COVID-19 compared to other districts in the county.

The Salt Lake County Health Department shared graphics showing how many COVID-19 cases each of the five districts in the county have reported during the first 40 days of the school year.

These rates are per capita based on each district’s student population as reported to the health department by the Utah State Board of Education.

As you can see in the graphics below, over the first 40 days, Salt Lake City elementary schools have seen fewer COVID-19 cases than the four other districts. The Jordan School District has reported over one and a half times as man cases as Salt Lake City’s schools have.

Among middle and high schools, Salt Lake City again ranks among the lowest over the first 40 days while Granite School District has reported the most.

While Salt Lake City schools have reported COVID-19 rates through the first 40 days, other school districts have reported lower case rates over the last 14 days.

As the Salt Lake County Health Department explains, these case rates are per 100,000.

Currently, the health department is showing the total COVID-19 cases being reported in each district, both in the last 14 days and older than 14 days:

School DistrictsCases older than 14 daysCases in the last 14 days
Salt Lake City13278