SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – After last week’s emergency order, requiring masks for all students, from Mayor Erin Mendenhall the Salt Lake City School District returns 25,000 students to in person learning Tuesday.

Administrators at Northwest Middle School say implementing masks for its 700 students was not an issue.

“Our kids are just happy to be in the building and if it takes wearing a mask they will,” says Principal Andrea Seminario. “We have awesome kids here.”

Teachers are excited to have students back in class and say masks are a small price to pay to have some normalcy.

“I am so excited. I love the seventh graders they come in super cautious but then they kind of get the wind under their wings and they fly,” explains Dr. Judith Neugebauer a seventh grade science teacher. “I have no apprehension we know that the mask mandate worked last year we had almost no transmission at that school so I feel really comfortable going into the school year with the mask mandate.”

Should a student not have a mask, the district is providing schools with free masks.

Mental health this school year is a major focus for the district and Northwest Middle school is implementing social emotional learning into second period.

“Administrators, teachers, students, and everyone will be learning new skills, breathing, and how to deal with stress they are all skills we need to practice right now,” Principal Seminario shares.

While Dr. Judith and others say the overall goal is to provide students with a top notch education.

“Get them excited about science but also teaching them how to be a human,” she states.

The school does have social distancing signs up and will be disinfecting touch points and should there be an outbreak there are contact tracking protocols in place.