SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A Salt Lake City auto body employee has been arrested after being accused of stealing two firearms from vehicles brought to the auto body shop where he worked. 

Bryan Bunge, 40, faces two second degree felony charges of theft of a firearm. 

Police say a firearm that contained a Unified Police Department and/or Salt Lake County Sheriff insignia was taken from a Dodge truck that was dropped off at an auto body shop in Salt Lake City around Aug. 25. According to police, surveillance footage showed Bunge as the last employee to enter the truck and was seen on video reaching towards the glovebox where the gun was known to be kept. 

Unified Police Officer Bruce Huntington reportedly asked to speak to Bunge on Sept. 2. Huntington said Bunge continued to deny taking the gun, even after being told that charges would not be filed if he handed it over.

Police say they served a search warrant at Bunge’s home on Oct. 13 where they found an unrelated Glock 17 that was reported stolen in May on the kitchen table inside a black bag that read “Springfield Armory.” Police also reportedly found eight 9mm rounds in the driver’s side door of Bunge’s wife’s car. 

Bunge was taken into custody by police without incident. According to the police report, when Officer Huntington informed Bunge they found the stolen Glock 17 on the kitchen table, Bunge simply replied, “Okie Dokie.” 

The UPD firearm taken from the Dodge truck is still reportedly missing.