SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – If you drive through the Wasatch front, you are bound to notice buildings and roads tapered with orange cones and yellow tape. Ask anyone, the valley is constantly under construction, but for what?

Named as one of the top American cities of the future, Salt Lake City holds big development plans.

Building Salt Lake, is a website dedicated to informing those interested about projects in the works.

“Building Salt Lake is the premier source for urban development news happening along the Wasatch Front. Because smart growth starts with us, Building Salt Lake seeks to engage readers and encourage its audience to become active participants in the development of their communities,” the site shares.

If you are ever wondering what is being built around you, Building Salt Lake shares details on every project through various forms; pictures, project maps, and articles.

One of Salt Lake City’s latest project revolves around making the Rio Grande depot a real central station.

Image courtesy Christian Lenhart and Cameron Blakely

According to the site, new plans are in the works to place trains in Downtown SLC, underground.

The unofficial proposal titled the Rio Grande Plan strives to solve problems that have been negatively affecting the area for decades: at-grade railroad crossings, unused tracks blocking mobility and new construction, massive bridges erasing street frontage, and a dead zone around the central transit station on 600 West.

“The Rio Grande Plan proposes returning trains to the Rio Grande depot through a below-grade ‘train box’,” reads the developmental plans. “Passenger, freight, and commuter trains will travel between 900 South and 100 South beneath a reconstructed 500 West, and all railroad tracks
on the surface will be removed.”

The fate of the Rio Grande property is in the hands of the state of Utah, which owns and has taken care of the building.

For more updates revolving Salt Lake City construction, tap in Building Salt Lake.