Salt Lake City (ABC4) – “March for Our Lives” rallies were held all over the country Saturday, including right here in Utah. It’s a push for nationwide gun control all motivated by a surge in mass shootings in the last month.

The most recent shootings were the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and the supermarket shooting in Buffalo, New York.

Protesters say lawmakers must take note of shifting public opinion and enact sweeping reform and they want senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to vote for the two gun law legislation that is in the Senate right now. 

“We also hope to encourage young people to go and vote for candidates who will support their right to live and be safe from gun”, protester, Natalie Reese said.

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These marches are happened in more than 450 cities all over the country. President Joe Biden is sending his message to demonstrators to, quote, “keep marching”.