UTAH (ABC4) In the last 30 days, SafeUT has received nearly 1,000 tips. 

“A tip is usually submitted by an anonymous third party that says hey, I am worried about you know, XYZ situation or so and so at school, and then that information gets sent to the school administrators,” said SafeUT supervisor Denia-Marie Ollerton. 

SafeUT provides real-time crisis intervention 24/7. Last year alone SafeUT reports being involved in 298 life-saving interventions. 

“In general, what we’ll do is, we’ll screen out for information on our end, the counselors will look at it and if it’s ever anything to do with school shooting or you know, any sort of security threat like that will immediately connect with law enforcement in the schools involved,” said Ollerton. 

Ollerton said just last month, a student used the app to report a weapon at a middle school in Draper. 

“It’s a scary question to think about if we didn’t have those resources. And I think, you know, the fact that we do have them just goes to show how important it is to everyone in our state,” said Ollerton. 

While many states have some type of tip line, Ollerton said Utah is one of a few states that has licensed counselors who are trained in crisis intervention. 

“We’re just fortunate to have the opportunity to have folks who are trained in many aspects of mental health that can help identify and prevent crises from, you know, ballooning to, you know, a full-scale crisis or even stopping them before it gets to that point,” said Ollerton.