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‘Ruth’ the Gorgosaurus unveiled at Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Ancient Life

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 LEHI, Utah (News4Utah) – The Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point welcomed a new friend Friday.

Thanksgiving Point Palentologist Rick Hunter unveiled Ruth the Gorgosaurus. 

Ruth the Gorgosaurus, a member of the Tyrannosaur family, was discovered in Teton County, Montana in 1997 by a 14-year-old on his family’s ranch.

The 90 percent complete skeleton and exceptional preservation of the bones tell a fascinating story about this dinosaur’s life.

Evidence of healed injuries and disease can be seen throughout the skeleton. Broken ribs, fused tail vertebrae, a bacterial infection in the lower jaw, and a healed left scapula with abnormal bone growth all point to a painful life. 

A study of the braincase revealed that it contained a brain tumor in the cerebellum (the area of the brain that controls motor skills and coordination) suggesting a possible cause for many of the injuries and a probable cause for its death.

This is the first known evidence of a brain tumor in a dinosaur.

Ruth’s new permanent home is the Museum of Ancient Life’s main lobby. She was donated to Thanksgiving Point Institute’s Museum of Ancient Life because of its dedication to transformative family learning and support of citizen science.

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