Roy woman warns of possible cat abuse in neighborhood

Local News

ROY (ABC 4 News) – A Roy woman is sharing her story after the death of her daughter’s beloved cat. She says it may have been doused in some sort of chemical and left to die. She also says it’s not the first time it’s happened in the area.

Kara Martin says when it first happened, they weren’t exactly sure what caused it.

“He was doused in some kind of kerosene, or it was like a petroleum based product,” said Martin.

Their pet cat named Oliver, or Ollie for short, came home covered in a chemical. They rushed him to the vet hospital, but it was too late.

“He had already aspirated so much of it and we was already too far gone. He was covered I mean, head to toe,” Martin told ABC 4 News.

Now, the family is left heartbroken, and with so many questions. Martin posted their story on social media as a warning for others. That’s when a neighbor told her there may be more to the story.

“She pointed me in the direction of a few other families around here who had found animals that had come home with oil and gas on them,” said Martin. 

That’s when she realized it most likely wasn’t a coincidence.

“When I realized it was happening, cats were disappearing, in my exact area within a block of my area, then I became more upset and more suspicious,” said Martin.

She believes someone could have purposefully doused Oliver in kerosene, and that it’s happening around the neighborhood. Although she may never know who is actually responsible, she says she can’t imagine why anyone would do this to an innocent cat.

“It’s really hard to think like that. I guess if you could see the way that my children acted the day that their pet passed away, I would really hope that that would put something in your soul,” said Martin.

Martin says she filed a report with animal control and her advice to anyone in the area is to keep your pets inside as much as possible.

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