Roy City votes to annex six unincorporated areas, closing up gaps in city boundaries

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ROY (News4Utah) – Roy City’s population is about to get bigger, after the City Council voted Tuesday to annex six unincorporated islands in Weber County.

“The debate over annexation has been going on for 20 years,” said Roy City Manager Jason Poulsen. “Last year, the Utah legislation changed the annexation law to where counties would try to have their borders islands, peninsulas cleaned up.”

Scott Dixon, a resident living in one of the unincorporated areas said he knew it would happen eventually.

“When we bought our house 30 years ago, our realtor told us that one day, the City of Roy will annex this area,” said Dixon. “Am I surprised? Not one bit. I’ve been expecting it for a long time.”

Resident Gabe Archuleta said he’s worried it might cost more to be a Roy City resident.

“My big question is the taxes, property taxes,” said Archuleta. “Are we going to pay more? Or are we going to be the same? Or we going to pay less?”

Dixon said many of his neighbors living along 5350 South have opposed the annexation, worried about changes, such as restrictions on farm animals. But city officials said they made compromises to alleviate those concerns.

“One of their big hesitations was zoning because county zoning is different than city zoning,” said Poulsen. “We changed a lot of our land-based use and our codes to meet what they’re currently getting now in unincorporated and that seemed to go super smooth.”

Archuleta and Dixon said for now, they’re neutral on how they feel and are trying to see the benefit in it all.

“There’s been many years here where we didn’t see a snowplow go down the street. If we did see a snow plow, it was a Roy City snow plow and it dropped its plowed on the next street,” said Dixon. “Maybe now, they’ll come and plow our streets better.”

“Whenever we need police services, it would be the Weber County Sheriffs. But now, when we have Roy City Police, the response will be quicker,” said Archuleta.

“If we ever needed police, Roy City is here a lot quicker versus Weber County sheriffs,” said Archuleta.

Poulsen said the city expects to inherit 300 residents through the annexation, which will go into full effect on January 1, 2019.

“We want them. We feel like we can provide them great services,” said Poulsen. “Our public safety, streets, and public works department had little unincorporated islands and pockets that we didn’t respond to. Now that it’s all aligned and adjusted, it makes it easier and simpler for our city services to be uniform.”

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