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‘Rock & Roll Rookie’ – Officer Alicia Brown

Local News

SANDY, Utah (ABC4 News) Alicia Brown is a singer. She’s in a local band and does some performing on her own. But recently she got a new gig – so to speak – and instead of a microphone – this one comes with a uniform and a badge. Meet the Rock n’ Roll Rookie – in this edition of Behind the Badge.  
“You going to push? Yea. We’ll push.” Officer Alicia Brown loves serving and protecting the people of Sandy. “I have a passion for it and I love people.” And the story of her becoming an officer begins a little over a year ago. “I’m waking up and saying – ‘My life has got to mean something. I want to do something.'”  
Shortly after that – she experienced what she calls divine intervention. “I opened up my emails. There was this application and I went with it. I took a chance.” The application was for the Salt Lake County Jail. She went through the training and then started her job as a corrections officer. But something wasn’t quite right. 

DON: “At what point did you say the jail is not for me, but law enforcement is?”
ALICIA:  “About the first week in the jail I decided that.” “I wanted to be out-out and about and not in the enclosed in a wall – I learned a lot. I learned a lot in the jail.” 

So, with a year of corrections experience and at the age of 40 – she went to the police academy and was hired by the Sandy City Police Department. 
DON: “So, what was that first day – when you were all alone – like?”
ALICIA: “It just felt like – free. It’s really nerve-racking to have someone over your shoulder. You know. Do this. Don’t do this. It tests you and sees what you’re made of.”
DON: “But wasn’t it nice to have someone there as a backup?” 
ALICIA: “Yes. Because you don’t know what to do. This is a different world. You are actually that person  – when people call 911 – that’s you now. Think about that?”

And as a rookie officer, she thinks about that a lot. 
DON: “Tell me about one of your high adrenaline moments?” 
“So, we had a felony stop.” “We ran the plates and comes back as a stolen vehicle.” “All of my training tells me to open the door and pull out your weapon.” “It was in that moment where I am like ‘wow, this is real. This is real.’ Nothing gets your heart pumping like your life may or may not be in danger.”  
That stop ended without an incident. However, during her short career, she’s already had to deal with some difficult calls – including a tragic heroin overdose. 
“I was so scared walking down that hallway.” “I don’t want to go down that hall. I don’t want to open that door. No. No. No. Every fiber in my being said No. No. No. But I knew I had to and I kept going.” “That was probably my most profound moment.”   

While her new job is full time – she hasn’t given up her singing career. “One of my goals in life is to win a Grammy.” But right now, she’s focusing on her serving career  “I want to wake up every day and do something I love – not loathe. I don’t want to wake up and dread where I have to go.  have a finite amount of time on this earth. I want to get up and do something I enjoy. I had no idea it would be police work. I had no clue.”
There is much more to Officer Brown’s story. And you will find it right here in the web extra video. She talks about her experience being tased and pepper sprayed which is a painful and humorous story. She also talks about being a recovered addict  and how that experience helps her serve the people of Sandy. 

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