UTAH (ABC4) – The search continues for 17-year-old Kandis Harris who went missing almost nine months ago.

Anti-human trafficking groups have been working to find Kandis, also known as Brooklyn. One of those is Road Warriors, who had an outreach today to work to get closer to finding her.

Diane Carpenter, the grandmother of Kandis Harris, shared the last thing she said to her the night she disappeared.

“Kandis reached out to me about nine o’clock that night just on a Facebook message telling me that she loved me and she was very sorry,” said Carpenter.

Friends and family haven’t heard from HER since she went missing last year and her social media has stayed silent.

“Kandis has a heart of gold. She is a person that loves her family very much, Kandis would do anything she could to help anybody,” said Carpenter.

She disappeared on July 15, 2021, at the age of 16-years-old when she left a youth treatment facility where she was undergoing treatment. Carpenter says she did not have a cellphone on her since she left the facility – making it difficult to track her.

Today, the Road Warriors passed out flyers around Salt Lake City to help bring her home.

“We’re going to find Kandis Harris,” said Jason Clark, a volunteer with Road Warriors.

They say there’s reason to believe she may have been a victim of human trafficking. Groups like the Road Warriors and Exitus have been on the ground working to do what they can to find her. They say that often traffickers target people in vulnerable situations.

“If I could ask people to do one thing, understand that this problem, isn’t something that’s happening somewhere else, it’s in your neighborhood,” Clark said.

Carpenter shares a message that she would like her granddaughter to know.

“Your family loves you so much and we are all so worried about you and we want you to come home.”

Her family is asking that anyone that might have information that can bring her home come forward.

She says that there were tips of possible sightings in the Salt Lake area before, but she hasn’t heard of more since about August or September.

Anyone with information can call the following numbers:
Salt Lake City Police: 801-799-3000
We Help the Missing Tip Line: 866-660-4025