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UTAH (ABC4) – In a statement released by the Utah Schools Sports Association (USSA) Saturday, those involved in winter sports are invited back to play.

On January 23, USSA welcomes back once again children involved in winter sports but with COVID-19 safety precautions in mind.

The organization goes on in emphasizing their USSA/UHSAA plan purpose statement:

“To maximize mask-wearing and physical distancing to promote safety, minimize the need for quarantining, and to avoid missing classroom time and extracurricular opportunities.”

As young athletes gear up and return to the field, USSA shares several guidelines all participants must acknowledge before fully returning:

  • Masks are to be worn properly and at all times for all individuals in the facility who are not currently engaged in strenuous physical exertion (sports) or not
    actively performing (activities). Participants who are actively exerting themselves
    and officials actively exerting themselves in the physical activity shall be exempt.
  • All individuals shall wear a mask properly. Properly wearing a mask includes wearing the mask over both the nose and mouth continuously, as outlined in the COVID-19 School Manual.
  • Participants shall be required to store their masks in a pre-assigned place where they can be easily accessed when exiting the game/activity, near their personalized water bottle and/or gear.
  • Schools shall set up playing/competition facilities to maximize physical distancing, including spacing non-active participants.
  • Symptom checking shall be required for all participants before games, practices, activities, and travel. Symptom records will be maintained and documentation kept by the school to help with contact tracing efforts and risk mitigation monitoring.
  • Districts/member schools shall provide ongoing training for all coaches, advisors, and game personnel on COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies and protocols, including a reminder of protocols before competitions. Failure to adhere to these protocols will result in the discipline of employees by the hiring organization.

To read more about the new Utah Schools Sports COVID-19 guidelines click the button down below.

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