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KAYSVILLE (News4Utah) –  A congested and dangerous stretch of highway in Davis County may get transformed into a six lane freeway. Great for commuters but homeowners worry the expansion will ruin their neighborhoods.

The proposal is to turn a 10 mile stretch of U.S. Highway 89 from Farmington to Interstate 84 in Uintah into a freeway. It was the topic of a public comment meeting Tuesday night. UDOT’s manager for the project, Mike Romero, explained how it will ease the current congestion.

“Just by providing more capacity, removing the stoplights it allows traffic to flow more free along the corridor,” Romero said. “People will get through quicker.”

Inside the Davis High School Auditorium, UDOT had a lot of maps and graphs showing why this project is a good idea but if you took just a few steps outside a group called ReVU 89 was talking about how this is going to negatively impact their homes and their communities.

Fruit Heights homeowner Kyle Charlesworth is on the ReVU89 Board of Directors.

“Farmington, Fruit Heights, Kaysville, Layton, South Weber and they’ll all fundamentally be changed,” Charlesworth told News4Utah. “People that live up on the east bench are actually going to have more noise pollution because noise travels higher and people that have paid lots of money for good views now will see a freeway…What do we want to pass on to kids and grandkids. Do we want to have a big freeway in their backyard?”

Fruit Heights homeowner Glade McCombs worries about more traffic and elevated interchanges called flyovers towering over residents’ property.
“The flyovers, the increased speed, the noise is going to ratchet up quite a bit,” McCombs said. “I’m a realtor in the area so I know how that affects people’s home values. You increase the decibels going past people’s houses. It negatively affects those communities.”

UDOT expects to have a final plan approved next month.

 They will be accepting public comments online through February 3rd at

For more information on ReVU89, go to

Residents Voices United On 89 | Davis County | ReVU89

ReVU89s’ mission is to influence and shape the smart improvement of Hwy 89 with the long term betterment of our communities

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