SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The Biden administration called on Congress to extend a federal freeze on evictions that are set to expire on Saturday.  

Some Utahns said they’re worried about what will happen to them if the eviction moratorium expires. The order was issued last September to help stop the spread of the virus and give people security as the country shut down.  

However, with time running out and an alarming summer surge, Utahn renters are running out of options.  

Debra Chamberlain is a single mom who has until Saturday to vacate her home in Salt Lake City.  

“I have to clean this whole place, I have to paint a few spots…there’s a few little spots out here that I have to paint, and I have to clean the yard,” Chamberlain said.  

Chamberlain said she doesn’t know where she is going to move with her two girls.  

“It’s a horrible feeling as a parent. No parent wants to be in that position…to tell their kids what the answer is going to be. It’s not something you want to have to be in a position to do,” Chamberlain said.  

Chamberlain said the ban on evictions was a great sense of security for her.  

“If the ban was still in place, it would give me more time to look. But because of the housing market…that gives me limited time to find something with the ban being in place,” Chamberlain said.  

Between not enough places for sale and prices skyrocketing, Chamberlain said low-income families are in a tough position right now.  

“The market is hard right now to find anything. As soon as something goes online or comes up it’s really hard, they’re already gone,” Chamberlain said.  

With the highly contagious Delta variant spreading, Chamberlain said she is worried of the health risks that come with moving in with others.  

“The last thing I want is for me and my kids to be sitting in a shelter while the pandemic is going through because that will spread through there like wildfire,” Chamberlain said.  

A new report from Filterbuy said 4.2% of adults in Utah are behind on their rent or mortgage. Of these renters and homeowners, 28.2% are at risk of evictions or foreclosure.