Reminder for dog owners: Salt Lake City park begins off-leash enforcement

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Courtesy MGN

If you have a dog and like to go to Memory Grove Park, remember starting Monday the Salt Lake County Animal Control will be actively enforcing off-leash violations.

The center says many residents and park goers are concerned for their safety, when unknown dogs run, jump and splash on individuals.

In a press release, the center states, “This causes a wide range of problems for those individuals wanting to peacefully visit the park.”

By enforcing dog leashes, the center says they hope this puts a stop to the issue.

In previous months the center has been patrolling the park and educating the public on the dangers of off-leash dogs in the area, however, the center says the public has continued to let dogs run loose.

If a person doesn’t have their dog on a leash, the center says officers will be issuing Notice of Violations and a $50 fine.

The enforcement will be in effect until Sunday, Sept. 1.

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