“Remember Little Lizzy” candlelight vigil attended by hundreds

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A week after her abduction and murder, the Logan community gathered to remember five-year-old Elizabeth Shelley. 

“This past week has been a complete nightmare. We lost our sweet Lizzy,” said Elizabeth’s mother, Jessica Whipple.

Speaking from the steps of the Historic Cache County Courthouse, Jessica shared her grief with the crowd. It was during the “Remember Little Lizzy” candlelight vigil.

“I want you to know with all my heart it didn’t end the way we wanted it to,” said Jessica.

Hundreds of heavy hearts filled the crowd even some as far away as San Diego.

“We feel so horrible for the tragedy here that we just wanted to come and support,” said Judy Schaim from San Diego.

“We’ve had our own issues that have happened with children being harmed in California,” said Denise Boychuk, also of San Diego. “It’s so widespread.”

Five-year-old Elizabeth Shelley departed earth too soon. Police say at the hands of her 21-year-old uncle Alex Whipple.

A week after she was first reported missing, it’s a loss the Logan community is still trying to come to grips with.

“We have a role model now and her name is Lizzy,” said Chief Gary Jensen of the Logan City Police Department. “I’d ask that we take that example moving forward.”

As reality settles in, the crowd at Saturday’s event is a symbol of solidarity Elizabeth will never know her life brought together.

The candlelights are a burning representation of her memory that will continue to live on.

Before lighting a candle in her honor, Elizabeth’s mother shared these words with the crowd; “Just as one candle lights another and can illuminate thousands of other candles so one heart illuminates another heart.”

In addition to candles, decals were handed out during the event. They’re of a rainbow colored butterfly with the words “Live Like Lizzy.”

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