ReLEAF UTAH looking to plant healthy air in your neighborhood

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A Rose Park neighborhood looks a little better today and is, perhaps, more healthy.

A group called “ReLEAF UTAH” spent the weekend planting 24 mature trees in yards and a park near 1500 West and 1000 North.

The group believes trees will improve air quality and overall health in underserved neighborhoods. Thus the expression: “Healthy Trees, Healthy People”.

“Scientific research shows a correlation between poor health, low socioeconomic levels and minimal tree coverage — a correlation that may even affect newborn babies’ birth weight,” the group said.

ReLEAF has been working with city staff and nonprofits to find homeowners who want to participate. They have received $20,000 in grants from Patagonia and the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands.  Their goal is to plant 60 trees this fall. 40 in front yards and 20 at the public park Roots Disc Golf Course. 

Eventually, ReLEAF would like to plant 1,000. Each tree will cost around $1,000 due to its larger size. The group has started a GoFundMe in order to raise more money for even more trees. Click here if you’d like to donate to their cause.

To request a tree for your yard or to volunteer, contact

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