UTAH (ABC4) — Red is Utah’s most searched-for color. The Beehive State, along with 29 other states, googled red-related terms 844,190 times per month, according to a study conducted by Pixlr, an online photo editing and design provider.

Pink was the runner-up as the most searched color in 12 states, including California, New York and Texas, according to the press release. Blue was the top color for only six states, including Missouri, Illinois and Wyoming. The last two states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, searched brown the most.

The study was conducted by collecting search results for common phrases that include a color such as “red background,” “red dress,” and “pink aesthetic.”

The study also analyzed the potential political connection to the colors red and blue by using votes from the 2020 election, however, the results were unconvincing. Only two states that voted Democrat in 2020, Illinois and Minnesota, had blue as their most searched-for color. In addition, out of the 26 states that voted Republican in 2020, 14 had red as their top color, with Utah as one of them.

A Pixlr representative mentioned the versatile nature of the color red as it is associated with love, passion, war and danger. The representative said people may choose colors for symbolic reasons, historic associations or simply because they like them, according to the release.

While the reason for Utah’s attraction to the color red is unclear, Pixlr’s study shows it is part of a majority of states that appreciate the color as well.