Red Cross emergency response vehicles a welcome sight during disaster relief

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One of the groups helping provide food, water, and shelter to hurricane victims is the Red Cross of Utah. News4Utah took a tour of one of its most versatile response tools in an emergency.

You may have seen one of these emergency response vehicles at a disaster site and wondered what they do, who are the people who run it?

“I think the best job in the Red Cross during a disaster is to take one of these trucks when it’s fitted out for food,” said Stan Rosenzweig.

Rosenzweig started volunteering after Hurricane Katrina and now he’s a board member, a chef and a professional volunteer.

 “We all have time, so we go where the problems are and we try to solve those problems,” said Rosenzweig. “When you’ve had your house destroyed or been the subject of a flood, and you have nothing left ad you see a red cross truck pull up, you actually see people crying.”

These emergency response vehicles or ERVs function as portable kitchens when they’re not being used to haul supplies.

“When you are part of a team on this truck and you get to feed people hot meals, some of them haven’t seen a hot meal in days, there’s nothing like it in the world,” Rosenzweig added.

 Stan is almost 77 years old. He said the Red Cross can always use more retirees.

“As people get older, they tend to think that maybe their capacity to provide help and do things has passed them by and I want to say not true,” said Rosenzweig.

 To find out how to join the Red Cross team of volunteers, visit

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