SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Imagine having extra money going into the holidays and finding it doesn’t require loads of overtime at work.

We’re talking about lost, unclaimed funds or property that belongs to you!     

Thanks to the Utah Unclaimed Property Division, the public will be able to claim what’s theirs with just a few simple clicks. In a webathon on Wednesday, Nov. 16, the state treasurer is spreading more awareness about the division so more people can visit their website and see if there’s lost cash or property in their names.

The money ranges from overpaid bills, forgotten accounts, old refunds and neglected deposits.
When a business owes someone money but can’t find that person, it gets turned over to the state.

“Ultimately, it’ll get reported as unclaimed property, and we’ll publish it on the website,” said Dennis Johnston, the unclaimed property administrator. 

Johnston said it takes usually 3 years for the funds to go awry and get reported to the state. Officials said about $30 million was reunited with their rightful owners last year.

Raising awareness about unclaimed funds that may belong to Utahns, businesses and charities has been a big focus of their annual event.

“We worked with them over the course of the last few weeks on getting them their money back so they can put it to work throughout the community,” Johnston said.

It’s a rather simple process: Log on to the division’s website, fill in the necessary information, and the user will be able to see if they have unclaimed money or property

“They look at what kind of capacity it is. Is it your property or is it something you’re claiming as an heir for a deceased parent?” Johnston said.

From there, local officials say there’s a claims process. But the time it’ll take to receive one’s cash may depend on the kind of information the state needs as well as confirmation all of the vital information.

The state treasurer’s office knows how important safety is when it comes to sharing information online. He said the website is secure, and those looking to file claims should always make sure they are visiting a website with the “.gov” URL as those are only limited to government entities.

Johnston added that for many, finding out they have lost money comes at a crucial time as families get ready for the holidays on top of the frigid temperatures outside. He recalled a meeting with a gentleman earlier in the week who came in looking for a claim and indicated he was currently homeless.

While Wednesday’s webathon ended at 5:00 p.m., the division’s website is always accessible.

ABC4 did ask about the possibility of having a debt collector who is trying to intercept those funds. Johnston said that’s always a possibility when dealing with an incurred debt. The best thing to do is to make sure all funds on the website are claimed and then decide the way to proceed with any debt collection agencies.