SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – An investigation was launched on the construction site at Salt Lake City International after what appears to be a racially-charged incident.

According to Nancy Volmer, Director of Public Relations & Market with Salt Lake City Department of Airports, a “racially-offensive symbol” was found above a subcontractor’s toolbox Monday morning.

The “symbol” was reportedly a noose and the toolbox belonged to a black employee.

After the object was found, construction leadership team held a meeting with the entire construction site staff to address the incident. The “stand down” as it is called was to inform the workers that discriminatory behavior is unacceptable and it would not be tolerated.

Since this was an isolated incident and the employee impacted indicated he did not feel threatened, police will not be investigating further, but Volmer said the project team is fully investigating the incident and serious action will be taken against those responsible.

“The Salt Lake City Department of Airports does not tolerate any form of discrimination in its workforce or subcontractors. As a city department, employees participate in required diversity training, which is taken very seriously,” said Volmer in a statement to ABC4 News Thursday.

The city official noted subcontractors on the construction project are required to comply with the city’s policy of non-discrimination consistent with federal, state and local law.