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Race heats up for Salt Lake County District Attorney

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SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) Salt Lake County’s top law enforcement officer, Sim Gill, announced his plans to fight for another term as district attorney.  

“Public service isn’t some rhetoric to me. Truth, justice, fairness, and equality are not rhetoric to me. I will do what is necessary to do,” Gill told News4Utah after a press conference Wednesday.

Gill, who is running as a democrat, said he’ll continue to put justice before politics and hold offenders accountable. 

“For him it is about making the right decisions but it’s within the bounds of fiscal responsibility,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams.

“One of the paramount functions of a criminal justice system is one that functions fairly and rapidly. Sim Gill is committed to those efforts,” said former Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder, who now works as Moab police chief. 

Gill will have a challenger coming from his own office. Nathan Evershed works as a homicide prosecutor and is running for the Republican nomination.

“I am looking forward to a fair and robust debate about the status of the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office and sharing my vision of its future,” Evershed said in a statement.

Evershed was recently endorsed by the Salt Lake Police Association. 

The election is scheduled for November. 

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