SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – An Australian cattle dog will be getting a new high chair thanks to some celebrity guests during the 2021 FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.

During the event, held in mid-September, nonprofit Ruff Patch Rescue let celebrity guests enjoy time with adoptable puppies in the green room. This is the fourth year the animal welfare group has been invited into the green room with adoptable dogs.

One of those dogs, 12-week-old Little Girl, received a little extra love during FanX.

Ruff Patch says Little Girl has to sit upright while she eats. Currently, because she is little, Little Girl sits in a box where she can stay upright. She has a medical condition called Persistent Right Aortic Arch Esophagus, which makes it difficult for food to get to her stomach. This can cause regurgitation, weight loss, and the potential for aspiration pneumonia.

“Little Girl has learned to stay still in her box while she eats and digests her food for up to 45 minutes. She usually falls asleep after a meal,” says Stacie Ward, Ruff Patch Rescue president. “Eventually, she’ll outgrow this box and need a full-size Bailey chair to accommodate her medical condition the rest of her life.”

Ruff Patch Rescue is providing foster care for Little Girl until she is adopted. 

The FanX “Twisted Toons” panel invited Little Girl to join celebrity voice actors where she was shown sleeping in her box on stage. In total, $600 was raised to help purchase a new chair for Little Girl.

Ruff Patch Rescue shared the below photos of Little Girl and other puppies with some of the voice actors.

Ruff Patch Rescue is a volunteer-based organization based in Salt Lake City. They foster pets with medical and behavioral special needs that other animal shelters may not handle with limited time and resources. For more on Ruff Patch Rescue, click here.