‘Prudent and patriotic’ or ‘irresponsible and dangerous’? Organizer says Kaysville concert will go on as planned

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UPDATE: Thursday event organizers announced the concert would be moved to Granstville but Tooele County Health officials say the event has not been approved. Click the link for the full update.

KAYSVILLE (ABC4 News) – The organizer of a controversial planned concert in Kaysville says the show will go on even as critics are calling for the town’s mayor to resign over her support for it.

Eric Moutsos, founder of a group called Utah Business Revival, says the free performance by country singer Collin Raye at Barnes Park on Saturday May 30th will support small businesses which will operate booths at the concert.

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“It’s the most prudent and patriotic thing we can do in America right now is to not give in to fear,” Moutsos told ABC4 News Tuesday. “I believe that half the people are really scared and I empathize with them. We ask those who want to social distance to social distance and respect those that social distance. We’re going to have masks. We’re doing this safer than it is at Wal-Mart and that’s the irony that we can open America back just fine and we’ve shown from our last three rallies that we can do it and there’s been no spikes in COVID.”

Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt approved and endorsed the concert which she expects to draw 600 to 800 people in defiance of the state guideline to limit gatherings to 50 people or less.

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Kaysville City Council member Michelle Barber said in a Facebook post:  “As a city council, we are not supporting or endorsing this event and are considering all options to prevent it from happening within our jurisdiction.”

The Executive Director of Alliance For A Better Utah, Chase Thomas, says Mayor Witt should resign.

“We think it’s an irresponsible and dangerous event not only for the city of Kaysville but possibly for the entire state,” Thomas said. “City leaders, state leaders are supposed to be protecting the public’s health. To see a mayor, an elected official going against that, going against the expressed recommendations of public health experts and the Governor, it seems to us something that disqualifies someone from public service.”

Witt is a Republican candidate for Utah’s 1st District Congressional seat and Thomas calls her support of the concert a “political stunt.”

“To use her profile, to use her image so close to a primary is really unfortunate,” Thomas said. “Especially when it could be detrimental to public health.”

ABC4 asked Mayor Witt if she will take her family to the concert.

“I have a son with cystic fibrosis so most of my family will not be there,” she said. “I will probably attend but will have a mask and social-distance and keep myself to myself.”

Brian Hatch, the Director of the Davis County Health Department told ABC4 News he’s disappointed about the planned concert, which he claims will threaten all the hard work Davis County residents have done to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


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