Provo police warning against illegal license plates

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – A growing trend has Provo Police issuing a warning — don’t customize your own license plate.

Recently, people have been getting black license plates, likely purchased online.

“It’s a black license plate with white writing — well, they’re actually not issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles,” said Sgt. Nisha King with Provo Police.

“The number’s actually correct that’s on the license plate. But, the plate itself has been purchased from some outside company,” added King.

She says the plates are more difficult to read in the dark, both by police and by automatic license plate scanners. Plus, she says — the plates are illegal.

“You can only lawfully display a license plate on your vehicle that has been issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles,” said King.

“But the bigger issue is that the black paint that is used on these license plates is not reflective,” she added.

Anybody caught with one of these plates can and will be cited by police, she said.


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