PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – Police in Provo are hoping the public can help identify a man who they say stole money from two different banks Wednesday afternoon. 

According to Sgt. Nisha King with the Provo City Police Department, a man walked into the U.S. Bank inside Smith’s at 350 Freedom Blvd just after 1 p.m.

He handed the teller larger currency and asked for smaller cash in return. The teller retrieved the smaller bills, and as she handed it to him, he then told her he wanted foreign money instead.

The teller then walked away to get the foreign money and left the smaller bills on the counter. The man placed a portion of that currency in his pocket while the teller was not looking, Sgt. King explained.

The teller returned and gave the man the foreign money and took the smaller currency from the counter. Before the teller could recount the cash, Sgt. King said the man left the bank and fled on foot.

A short time later, the man reportedly walked into another bank (unknown location) and did the same thing. 

Detectives said this theft ring is happening all over the country.

Police are hoping the public will recognize the suspect and contact police. Sgt. King said they believe it is possible he may attempt to do this again. 

Anyone who knows the suspect or have any information regarding the thefts, please email Detective Campbell at or call Provo Police Department at 801-852-6211. 

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