5/24/2018 – PROVO, UT (News4Utah) Provo Mayor, Michelle Kaufusi joined us for ‘Ask the Authority’ to answer a few questions. 

Let’s get right to our questions. Number one.. You are just a few months into your new role as the mayor of Provo. How has it been and have there been any surprises?

Let’s talk a little bit about that… so with your election this last fall, you became the first female mayor of Provo. How did you feel about that accomplishment, and do you feel an added pressure to be a trailblazer in the city?

You’re groundbreaking, and kind of changing the face of Provo. Now.. While every city faces many challenges daily, growth and development seem to be on the forefront of what’s happening in Provo. How are you planning to handle the growth of Utah’s third largest city?

A lot of good things happening there. Now, you can stop this.. It’s the end of an era for Provo City. For the first time, Provo High School will not be downtown. How are you feeling about those changes?