OREM, Utah (News4Utah) – Provo native attempts world record of walking barefoot one mile on LEGO bricks.

Corey Mitchell, of Provo Utah attempted to set the world record for the farthest distance walked barefoot over LEGOs to celebrate BrickSlopes’ (A LEGO Fan event) 5th year in Utah. 

The official attempt began Saturday at the BrickSlopes event on the arena floor of the UCCU Center in Orem Utah. Corey planned to shatter the current 2,737 ft record by walking one mile.

Sadly Mitchell did not break the record “I actually got a couple of pieces stuck in between my toes where the skin never touches anything so it’s baby smooth and I had to continue forward progression and I couldn’t get it out. I tried for 2 laps trying to get it out from between my toes and I couldn’t. That was my downfall” he said.

When asked if he would be returning next year for another attempt he said he will let someone else try.

The event is referred to as a “LEGO “Fire Walk” because of its similarity to traditional fire walking and potential for pain if not done correctly” said BrickSlopes organizer, Steve Poulsen.

BrickSlopes was open to the public. Those wishing to try walking on LEGO bricks were invited to try it for themselves. BrickSlopes is local to Utah, and has been producing the LEGO fan event for 5 years, after its 3 founders decided they wanted to provide a place for local LEGO fans to meet, gather, and share the LEGO hobby with other Utahns.