SALT LAKE CITY (NEWS4UTAH) The state of Utah has a task force that focuses on child predators and child pornography. It’s called ICAC – Internet Crimes Against Children. In this weeks Behind the Bridge report, we meet one of the task force team members and find out why she is so passionate about prosecuting predators. 

“Utah is a predators playground. We have families that have more children per capita than any other state.” Her business card says Section Director in the Attorney General’s Family Justice Division. But Shelley Coudreaut’s job – simply put – is to protect kids and bust the bad guys. “The people who are manufacturing child pornography, distributing child pornography, viewing child pornography. If you’re doing that – we’re coming after you and we’re going to find you.” Coudreaut was a private practice attorney who decided to use her skill set to prosecute criminals within ICAC – or Internet Crimes Against Children – task force. “I wanted to work in a team environment. I wanted to have that collaboration with other attorneys.” “I wanted to help people. I wanted to protect people. That is where my passion was.” 

Often the teams work leads to searches of homes and businesses as they try to find child pornography.  Or they are investigating to help find predators who are using innocent children in unspeakable ways. “Our task force is very proactive. So, we’re out there trying to prevent victimization from happening.” 

She says serving and protecting children is both a rewarding and emotional experience. “Were dealing with the most vulnerable and weakest victims.” “We have to speak for them because they can’t speak for themselves.” She says because of that parents need to know they are the first line of defense. And they need to be vigilant. “You need to know their passwords. You need to know what they are doing. The predators know where these kids are. And they’re doing whatever they have to do to get access to our children.”   

If you think you know of a child porn or child predator situation – you can contact ICAC via it’s tip line and email. ICAC Tip Line is 801.281.1211. And the ICAC email is 
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