Protect yourself when using new holiday tech gifts

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) The holiday season brings the coolest and latest gadgets into our homes. For what you can do to stay cyber safe with them, we’re joined on Good Morning Utah by Robert Jorgensen from the University of Utah.

It is important to update the firmware on them. Many vulnerabilities are fixed that way. Also, you get the added benefit of having the latest features. Also, change the default password. 

Some of these devices will require that you make a new account. Always use a password that is different from your main email and social media accounts. It may also be useful to set up an email address especially for these accounts.

Make sure you understand what the devices stores and if it sends any data to the internet. Some webcams have been known to send video to servers in China.

If you’re giving devices to your children, make sure you know who they can communicate with and what they can send. 

If you are getting a new phone or tablet, this is a great time to review the apps you install on it and the permissions you give the apps. If you don’t use an app, don’t install it. Think about whether an app really needs to know your location all the time or have access to all your photos. For a navigation app or a social media app, those settings make sense. It doesn’t make as much sense for a game to what the kind of information.

Remember that in most cases, whatever you connect to your wifi can talk to all the other devices on your wifi, so make sure everything is updated and secure. 

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